Exploring Zion with Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen took us on a whirlwind tour of her adventure to Zion. Read on for trip details and stunning photos!

4 adventurers, 3 days, 1 camper van, countless memories. Winter was upon us and we decided there was no better time to embark on an adventure to Zion National Park. With diverse landscapes such as stunning sandstone peaks, sprawling canyon views, and incredibly formed slot canyons, Utah’s Zion National Park provided endless opportunities to explore and photograph. We set out to explore 3 of Zion’s most iconic hikes: Angel’s Landing, the Subway, and the Narrows.

The climb. It’s no secret that those who are afraid of heights should probably steer clear of Angel’s Landing. The hike begins with a quick ascent and doesn’t let up. After the initial ascent, hikers find themselves staring up the spine of the mountain requiring a chain-assisted hike with precarious footing and sheer cliffs.  Many people stop at this point and take in the view while still on stable ground, but for most of us the reward is at the very top of Angel’s Landing. Pulling yourself up the chains along the narrow trail takes you to one of the most breathtaking views of Zion’s iconic canyon. With a grand 360 degree view in every direction, it’s hard not to be stunned by the fact that we were down there on the valley floor just a short time ago. We watched the sunset from the top of Angel’s Landing and were the last group of people to head down. Was it worth it? I’ll let the photos answer that question.


Many people take the subway everyday whether it’s to get to work or somewhere more exciting, but this Subway takes you to a place you could only dream of. We started at the crack of dawn and hiked over 3 miles through the Virgin River. After countless river crossings and tackling large boulders, we found ourselves at the infamous Subway. More than 250 million years ago, water flowing through the canyon began forming the incredible geologic structures we observe today. The Subway was a sight to behold after the cold, wet hike that preceded it, but as we stood there in awe there was no doubt that the destination more than justified the trek.

The Subway

Hiking through the Narrows during the wintertime is definitely not for everyone. With the water temperature being nearly 40 degrees Fahrenheit, thorough preparation including proper gear and education is needed to safely explore this part of the park. We grabbed our dry suits and headed to one of the most surreal hikes I’ve ever been on. Tall stone walls shoot up on both sides, dwarfing all who pass through. If there’s one hike that is the quintessential Zion hike, the Narrows is undoubtedly it. The Narrows

We left Zion with frozen toes, a couple thousand photos combined, and memories that will last a lifetime. No matter what season you visit Zion, it’s impossible to not appreciate the unique, incredible beauty contained within.

The Narrows

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