Team Sunski Hits Utah

Here at Sunski HQ, we’re always trying to feed our inner adventurer. So, when we headed to Utah for a tradeshow, we made sure to sneak away from the convention center for a day of epic trails, cannonball competitions, and some (literally) breathtaking views.

After a bit of off-trail bushwhacking and scrambling, we came across a secluded little lake that was too perfect to pass up. The water was much warmer than the glacial runoff that makes up many lakes in California that we’re used to, so a small diving competition commenced. After basking on the sun-warmed rocks like lizards, slowing drying off while enjoying beers, we hiked out and over a nearby peak, following a trail lined by wildflowers.


When Tom and Michael started Sunski, they wanted the flexibility to play on Mother Nature’s schedule. The surf doesn’t wait until you’re done clearing your inbox, and it’s heartbreaking to take a conference call while you’re looking at a powder day in Tahoe. Even at a tradeshow for the outdoor industry, it’s almost impossible to actually get outside when stuck in a convention center for all waking hours. Getting outside keeps Team Sunski sane and happy, and is a necessary component of our everyday lives. Even in the midst of a busy workweek or trip, prioritizing the time to move our bodies and spend time in the wilderness makes all the difference.

Over and out,

Team Sunski