Searching For Squamish

Some of the greatest adventures are brainstormed in unexpected places, and this epic trip to Squamish spearheaded by Greg Rakozy was no exception. While dreaming of faraway trips in a burrito shop during a lunch break, a plan was hatched to road trip to Squamish as a “last hurrah” farewell to summer. With visions of glacier lakes, mountains, campfires, five spontaneous adventurers packed themselves into a small rented SUV and took off from Utah to California and beyond.

The shrubs that clung to the crumbling coastline turned to redwood giants, and the group drove on northward. Before they knew it, the meetings, deadlines, and pressures of their lives back home melted away – nothing compared to finding the perfect campsite that night. Offroad adventures led the crew to the a mountain peak that allowed them to look out and see the vast peaks of the Sierras unfold in front of them underneath the blanket of the Milky Way. Dramatic coastlines and lush surroundings greeted them as they drove through Oregon and Washington before arriving in Canada. The instant that they crossed over the Canadian border, everything felt bigger. Mountains rose out of the sea, blanketed by massive old growth forests.


Living in Utah, Greg was constantly exploring the array of National Parks within striking distance, camera in hand. Although he originally started out as a videographer, Greg shifted his focus to photography and the ability it holds to preserve a moment in time. Instead of sitting at home daydreaming, Greg decided to make the epic adventures he always viewed from afar a reality. He moved to Utah and was surrounded by a vibrant community of explorers who were game for anything that got them outside on a rad adventure.

Never one to let restlessness take control, Greg is already scheming his next epic trip: exploring all 58 National Parks in the U.S. in a year. As the trip to Squamish represents, life is too short to say “I wish”.

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