Check out the latest guest blog post below from Mallory Paige, who has been traveling through North America with Baylor the dog by motorcycle-sidecar – proving that you don’t have to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams.

Nine states. Two provinces. Nearly 10,000 miles. I never imagined I’d travel that far on a motorcycle-sidecar. Certainly didn’t think it would only be the beginning, that I’d go after all of North America – every US state, each Canadian province and Mexico.

In June, I tucked my bestie, Baylor the Dog, into the sidecar and hit the open road headed for Alaska. Just weeks before departing I’d learned to ride a motorcycle. Days before I’d finished attaching the sidecar to the bike. Christening the journey Operation Moto Dog, I was determined to become an adventurer, to test if I really had what it takes to get to Alaska.

With no mechanical skills and little outdoor experience, I knew it would be difficult. Full of challenge, fears and unexpected obstacles. That I’d be tempted to quit, to give up and turn back for the familiar.

What I didn’t expect is the pure goodness of humanity. That people I’d never met would offer love and support. That strangers would quickly turn to friends and make the adventure not just survivable, but enjoyable.

After nearly 150 days on the road – with no end in sight – I’ve settled into the realities of this life. Have traded rent and utilities for camping and gas. Been inspired by the beauty of the land and the kindness of the people. Learned to stress less over the reality of having to find a place to sleep each night, of looking for an “office” each day and constructing a nomadic semblance of work-life balance.

We’ve ridden in the sun, rain, sleet and snow. Camped next to remote alpine lakes and dirt bagged on the side of noisy roads. Fished for salmon, faced a bear and bathed in icy mountain streams.

We’ve been offered tasty meals, freshmade beds and cozy cabins. Gifted time, resources and energy to keep the bike running and the mission going. Heard stories of heartbreak, adventure, love and life.

When fear of the unknown starts to creep in, when obstacles seem insurmountable, I just look to my right. See Baylor smiling up at me through blue-tinged lenses and know that I’ve made the right decision. That the future is always unpredictable, so we may as well just get out and go for it. Deal with the unexpected as it comes our way and live life to the fullest.

Because there is still so much to discover. Places to see. People to meet. Stories to hear. With thousands more miles, hundreds more days and countless borders on the horizon, I can’t predict what each day on the road will bring, but I’ve learned that with the right attitude it’s all an adventure anyways.

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