Mircoadventures on the Bay

How do Sunski co-founders Michael and Tom live life outside? Read on to find out!

For us, the dream of San Francisco is all about the water and amazing terrain surrounding the city. It’s also got the food, culture, and vibe to rival any other metropolis. The mixture of all this goodness in the age of tech means it’s a popular place to live, but oddly enough–not because it’s a great place to sail. Access to a boat slip in the most expensive town on earth sounds impossible for a normal denizen. After two years of persistence on a long wait list, we found ourselves proud renters of an affordable slip at a Municipal marina. Shortly after, we found a most excellent 1965 sailboat for less than the cost of one month’s rent in San Francisco.

Sailing adventures on the bay vary from absolutely glorious to downright nasty. Both flavors are a ton of fun. With all the San Francisco dinners we’ve missed on account being late back to the dock, we’ve more than made up for our monthly slip fees.

Photos and video by Raja Iliya. Check out his stuff: @rajailiya and Traveling Kameleon