Angel Island Adventuring

If you’ve ever spent time in San Francisco, you know that the sunny stereotypes of California are often foiled by our friend Karl the Fog. Frequently, Karl rolls in over the hills and shrouds the city in fog, leaving tourists cold, flights delayed, and a mysterious allure to the Golden Gate Bridge. However, a few weeks ago we lucked out with a bluebird day and seized the opportunity for a team excursion. Ditching out laptops and inboxes, we set sail across the Bay for a hiking and brainstorming session on Angel Island.

The Live Life Outside vessel, aka the U.S.S Paradigm, was our trusty steed for the day. Led by our co-captains/founders Tom and Michael, we smoothly navigated our way across the Bay to Angel Island. While sailing adventures on the Bay vary from absolutely glorious to downright nasty, we zipped across the water without any trouble.


For our out of town visitors, Angel Island is a tiny isle that is nestled in the Bay, near the infamous island of Alcatraz. While Angel Island holds a rich and somewhat dark history, it is packed with trails that weave around the island and lead to epic 360° views.


If you look closely at the photo above you can spot the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out from beneath a thick blanket of fog (hi Karl!).

After a full day of exploring, poison oak dodging, summit sandwiches, dockside beers and cannonballs, we meandered back to San Francisco, full of fresh ideas and an appreciation for the space we call home.